Resolve or … leave?

Have you ever felt like ashamed of the county you live in?

Have you wanted to stand up and do something that enormous that could change someone’s life completely?

Sometimes my heart is bleeding when I see where the country rolls.

People have no sympathy, no happiness, no humane conditions to live in.

Moreover they always hustle. No time to stop and look around, no time to open eyes widely and SEE the actual life.

So the questions:

  • what a heck is going on?
  • should we suffer?

Walking through the streets seeing poverty, greed, illiteracy, disrespect, I want to scream: AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES or CARES? Under such emotions I want to stand up and start doing something. Seems like it’s a mission, my mission and I’m in power to change something. May be the desire is something already, may be it’s an incitement?

Where is the problem there is always a solution, right?



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