Such a cliche… It is if you are doing it just to do and to accomplish. The main point is to achieve your goals, cause once you’ve listed them they become real and there is no way back. 

  1. become more positive and less judgmental. 
  2. start enjoy small things. sometimes they can bring more joy and pleasure – just look around the world and find those pieces of happiness.
  3. find hobby and stick to this. all previous end up within a month or less period.
  4. become more organized and procrastinate less. get a planner.
  5. travel more. visit Europe on my own.
  6. bring Spanish back. 5 word per day.
  7. start home cooking.

Some of those resolutions may sound strange or meaningless, but for me it’s a part of self improving, way to brood my horizons and develop other parts of mental and emotional sides of me. 



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