new obsession

I’ve been so busy with university cr@p, internship and some personal issues that I not just blame myself for not blogging, but I barely though about it even (the worst crime a blogger can commit in).

Obviously, neglecting blogging cannot last any longer.It’s time to make it up for it’s sake.

I though that it’s enough self-digging posts and it’s time for some easy-reading and spicy ones.

I’m not someone, who cannot live with out fashion or someone who spend day’n’night researching the upcoming trends. No. I cannot even say that I’m someone who follows the fashion. Okay. Clear enough. I prefer comfort to fashion.

BUT… better late than never!

The f-l-o-r-a-l print… this is something that cannot let pass by!

I don’t exactly know, why is it so special, but it’s just attracts attention, and what we, girls, want if not this? Yes, we are all the same!







Yes, you noticed right. There are to many backpacks. That another obsession. Backpack+floral print=love, such a simple equation, which is always equals “placed order on”


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