Time to talk about make-up. I’m truly 100% eye-shadow junkie. So eye make-up girl. If I was to choose between lip product and eye product – definitely eyes!


Speaking about experiments with the shades, of course I’m more a neutral follower, but sometimes I can go “crazy” (not much of course and not on a night out).


If you want to go out of your comfort zone (yes, we are still talking about the eye-shadows), just go ahead and choose your “crazy” color and make it work the way you want it. On the crease, on the lash line, under the eye, inner corner – whatever you feel. The tip is not to experiment when you have plans during the day. Perhaps you have a day off and you are planning to spend it watching your favorite TV show or doing laundry and cleaning the house – *blink*  this is THE moment.

I’m not saying I have a tone of eye-shadow, probably not (or not YET) but I’m cannot stop myself from exploring the ocean,

I have several CHANEL ones (my lowest reached ones btw), 2Inglot pallets, around 10 MAC depots, of course individual ones, and yes, I placed an order on Urban Decay Naked one, it took me soo long denying I need it, and justifying the splurge, but I finally didn’t it and cannot wait when it arrives!

Experiment. Don’t be afraid of colors.



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