THE HOW-TO #2: Minty dots

ImageToday I took a day-off from work, from studies and decided to dedicate the day to myself. My favorite kind of days actually!

The first thing on my to-do pamper list is freshly panted nails. I chose several colors and couldn’t pick one so why not choose all of them?

So say ‘hi’ to many dots.



Many people ask me, aren’t you ‘scared’ to wear those color, don’t you think people will stare at your nails and think that you’re a bit crazy?

My answer is I don’t care. I like the way the look and at that age when I actually CAN wear such colors and pattens I’m gonna cherish this time and enjoy being in it and do what I want and like.

Do what you like, there are always be people that judge.



One thought on “THE HOW-TO #2: Minty dots

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