An Ode to Palettes

I don’t know if it’s just my ‘fetish’ or everyone is fond of combined products also known as palettes. There are some that I own and some that I really want to add to my makeup stash. The thing I like about some palettes as that they can be customized according to your personal taste, complexion, color preferences.

For eyeshadows there are several obvious choices for everyone.

1. MAC is the queen/king of eyeshadows. Smooth, blendable and great variety of colors to choose from. My favorite ones are ‘All That Glitters’ – of course, who doesn’t like pink champaigny color, ‘Patina’ – nice all-over-the-lid color, mix of bronze, brown, shimmer, of course the one for brows – ‘Omega’ ‘Charcoal Brown’ & ‘Coquette’ (my personal favorite) and define color – Smut (hint of purple in the dark shade)

There is one new launch that I want to put my hands on – MAC face palette by Antonio Lopez.

2. Inglot – this is slightly new my fav. Again smooth and soft, different colors, textures. Again you can customize your own palette that can be made of 2/5/10/20 eyeshadows. AND there are much cheaper than the MAC ones but don’t lose in terms of quality. AND the great advantage – you can make your face palette – blush, bronzer, highlighter….. wonderful!

3. Urban Decay. Nakeds. Need I say more? The mix of shimmer colors – ADORE.

4. Nars Palettes. This is the ones I’m working on, haven’t adopted any of them unfortunately, but the time will come.

5. And STILA. Again the one I want to have since I’ve heard so many reviews about the quality and the pigmentation and range of colors and nice sleek packaging.




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