Nails Inc Baker Street – the best blue

Well, if you think they you don’t like blue nail polish, then you haven’t tried that one.

This is just the peeeerfect shade. Straight up blue. The one that is fluttering for all skin tones whether it is pale skin or deep one – would be amazing on everyone.

If you still doubt whether you need it or not here is the story for you that may help you to make the right decision (to buy the nail polish of course):

The first thing you should know about my mum is that not just she an awesome person that help me every time and with everything she is a lady (yes, modest as well haha).

Talking about the nail polish and the whole cosmetics range she is more VERY conservative. She denies wearing foundation any time, no eyeshadows, only slight dust of color & no mascara – she hates removing it at the end of the day. For nail polish she accepts only 3 types of manicure: french tips, very dark polish (black, burgundy or dark navy/purple) or red.

When she saw THIS color on my nails she immediately ask me to remover her current nail polish (OPI Every month is Oktoberfest) and put this one on. All day she is just starring on her nails and just cannot get enough.

Well, are you still thinking or already on the way to the shop?


P.S. This shade is quite similar to Essie’s ‘Bouncer it’s me’ but a liiiitle bit lighter. The the Essie polish is a neon one so it requires 3 or more coats and a top coat since it dries matte. But I do have both and love them both.

Do you need both – don’t think so. Just pick what you need more or less blue one.



6 thoughts on “Nails Inc Baker Street – the best blue

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