Lips lips lips!..

Well, I’m NOT a lipstick or a lip gloss girl (except my love affair with old-trusty lipgloss, stay tuned to know more;)), but I’m a HUGE fan og lip balms. Since I do like heavy make up on my eyes, intense eyeshadow with shimmer or pretty dark color (yes, this is what I like) I prefer to neutralize it with some bare, only glossy lips, or something with a slight hint of color.


1. This is just a spontaneous winter purchase, when you rushed off the house and realized that you have literally nothing to use on your lips so you spot the nearest pharmacy or drug store to survive. I would say that this is ordinary lip balm, not to bad, lies on the middle side.

2. Neutrogena Intense Repair Lip Balm. Well, this one isn’t my most used balm, smay be because I expected more from it, may be due to the strange texture (more liquid balm than an actual balm we are used to)

3. Simple Vaseline with a pineapple sсent. Of course. This one I like just to put on in winter during the intense cold, cause i glides on lips and acts as a protection, cause make like a thick layer in the lips.

4. Korres Lip Butter ‘Jasmine’. This is an all-year-rounder. This is the one with a hint – small wash a pinky nude. Exactly what I need.

5. Nuxe Reve de Mel Lip Balm. This is one of my favorite. This balm is thicker than others I ever seen or used. It’s pretty stiff but in a good way. Pleasure to use and really does the job.

6. Blistex Raspberry Limonade Blast. Good but not the best for me. I think that because of the flavor it doesn’t do the job right. I really want to pick the original version to complete the opinion.

7. Carmex ‘Cherry’. LIP SAVER in a tube. With no exaggeration. If you have any dry patches or even injuries (who knows) or if you are like me guilty in rare lip bating – again this will help. LOVE it.

Hope you enjoys the selection I have and may be it can help to find the right one for you.

If you like some other unmentioned product please let me know in the comments below.



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