Mint – love it in the tea and on the nails.

I know the trend for minty nail polish was on top for quite sometime, but I’m still on that train and I’m not ready to let it go. This is the gorgeous color because it allows to find the ‘perfect’ shade for everyone depending on their skin tone or color’s opacity and even the shade of mint itself. universal shade – that is what I’m trying to say. Love staring at my nails when have something like this on!


When I pulled out the assumed shades from my huge *enormous* box I realized that one can be more brighter than the others and one has a pistachio hint. Oops. But still let it be – they are all pretty, very pretty no be mentioned!

You may spot an ordinary selection of mint polishes, but I really tried to add something new to the bunch to spice it up a little. Hope you like it. Pop your recommendations in the comments below.


  • Kiko. #389. The that shade so much. For me it’s a straight up bright mint. Love it! Ideal for summer and for rainy dull days when you want a sparkle of color.
  • Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra ‘Peppermint’ 500. This shade I would describe as a mint color with a hint of dust. You know those dusty rose colors? So this is a dusty mint. Nice one!
  • OPI ‘Gargantuan Green Grape’. This is a pastel mint with a blue undertone. Again love (how many times I said ‘love’ in this post? not enough!)
  • Essie ‘Mint Candy Apple’. The founder of my addiction. (not just mine I think) Maaaany people went crazy over this shade, and you know what? IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!
  • Bourjois 04 Amande Defile. This is the one with a pistachio hint . Again a nice shade if you fancy a bit different mint. I like to pair it with some gold glitter as an ascent nail.

In the pic above you can also see the brush comparison. The Essie and the Rimmel have the widest brush of the bunch and the Bourjois and the OPI has thinner ones (the KIKO one is in the middle).

If you have any other ideas about the color selection/comparison I should do next again – the selection below is more than welcomed!


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