Phyto 9 – the hair saver


I go through phases when I only care about make-up – I’m expirimenting with colors, textures, products – I try different eye combos or try to wear more bright lip shades. Other time I’m obsessed about skincare – I surf internet about new launches, some awesome cult products, I wanna go and buy some new creams, serums and all that staff – daily-nightly study skincare gurus’ blogs. Now it is the hair phase.

I have a pretty curly hair and like every other girl with curls I want to straight them – obviously. BUT I don’t do it on a daily basis and I only get rid of curls on the front – they just doesn’t look flattering. And generally my hair is normal/dry – I would say that the ends are dry. So with my haircare routine the only thing I’m looking for is hydration.

So, this bit was picked up while I was in Paris (if you fancy to see some photos, I did a slideshow post here) and I’m sooo glad I did cause this helped me to ‘survive’ the hot summer by the beach.

The Phyto 9 is a cream for hair. literally. It a natural mixture of oils and plant extracts (macadamia oil, calendula, soybean, burdock, rosemary etc.) – those babies set the deal with my hair. Thank you.

It suggested to apply to towel-dried or dry hair. The majority of them time I use it on semi-dried hair – after shower I brush the hair through with my tangle teezer (another genius invention) and let them blow-dry for a while (but not completely!) then I take a pea sized blob onto my hands and spread it all over the hair (5-10 cm from the roots) and mostly concentrating on the problem areas – the ends! And leave them to blow-dry completely.

My hair is waaay more softer, the ends don’t need a rehab anymore and the overall condition is better – almost instantly. This cream really does nourish, smoothes.

Is you think that this one can be slightly heavy for you hair type I would advice to go for Phyto 7. This is lighter Phyto 9 version. Good luck!

What are your surviving hair products? Tell me in the comments below – I’m hands down for any recommendations!



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