Blogging is quite a new thing for me and now when a got that thing I’m really thrilled. It seems like that is what I need – my own space to talk about things I love (make-up, nails, skincare etc) without torturing my friends and family members of going on and on about beauty.

So now I’m starting to work on my blog – sorting out the schedule, the categories and all that jazz. So I did spotted that theme on several blogs when they sum up the most used and loved products for a week – and I think it’s pretty interesting, since some products may not come through the final month cut but they worth mentioning. So here you are my ‘THE WEEK HEROES’ series. We’ see how that goes & until then here the 1st round up.

Since my tan is still going strong and thanks to my skincare bit I’m not a fan of any base right now (not a bad thing, huh?), so I mostly stick to powder complexion helpers and eye newbies.IMG_9017

  1. MAC blush ‘Eversun’ (limited edition, unfortunately…). I like this one, cause it’s 3 in 1 product – bronzer-blusher-highlighter. I dust it with a light hand ON my cheek bones – the meeting point of the mentioned above trio.
  2. MAC eyeshadow in Pink Freeze. Not the usual participant when it comes to either MAC eyeshadow or my picks. Pink frosty bluey silver shade. Nothing on the pot but everything on the lids. I like to pair it with brown shade over the lash line for more definition.
  3. Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil ‘Underground’ browny shade with gold shimmer. Remember the definition for pink lids? Yep, this is it.
  4. Rimmel ‘Nude’ eye pencil. Instant wake-up product. Lovely.
  5. KIKO nail polish #338. The mix of lilac and blue. Luuuv it! I’m holding for summer as long as I can. Summer, please, don’t go… 

Did you make any discoveries this week? Pop in the comments below – love to get introduced to smth new!



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