Nail polishes. I’ve been hooked on that for quite sometime. Before that loooong journey of buying away all colors and textures, tiny bottles or exquisite packages I owned only few colors the majority of those were pale pinks, white or nudes with a bit of shimmers.

Now it’s an absolutely different story.


I think that I have every possible shade. Yellows, greens, blues, reds, blacks, berries, whites – literally every color you wish. Talking about the texture – same here: duo-chromes, liquid sands, creams, jellies, mirror-top, glitters, shimmers!..

The problem is that every time I’m in the store I spot the nail polish that I’m dying to adopt.

What’s wrong with me? Probably there is something, but do I care? NO. Why? Cause I have a great variety to pick from when I do my nails.

P.S. this is just a half of my collection. I’m not ashamed :)

What are your addictions/ fancies? Pop them in the comments below.


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