It’s been not so long ago since my last shopping affair, but I’m already planning on attacking the beauty store again. I do love online make-up shopping though it can be pretty intimidating cause you are not walking out the store with a full swatched hand (or even both…) and have enough time to think-and-choose step. While with online shopping you just hoping for the best clicking the ‘checkout’ button. This time I have a specific wish list in my hand and I’m pretty impatient for delivery time – I want it here and now. and preferably fast.


The first bit that I want is a new face palette – whether it’s a contour compact or bronzer thing or even do-it-all thing. I did narrow it down for several options: Burberry Fresh Glow Golden Radiance #2 (this is just stunning – grey-ish brown glowy type of thing and their packaging – aw…just made me want it even more, of course. Clarins Graphic Expression Face and Blush Powder Palette. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I’m such a sucker for the packaging and the relief and I always wanted a Clarins limited edition compact, so why not now, right? For contouring thing I’m so close to share everyone’s hype and buy Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpring Powder. You probably think, oh, again another person talking about it, yes, I think the same way, but this thing seems to do the photoshop job with your cheek bones…just what I need!

Also I’m dying to try the new Cliniques’ Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for eyes (especially the Whopping Willow – the burnished gold color that is soo trendy now and Lavish Lilac – sheer purpley-grey color) and also I really liked their primer-line launch (a.k.a Clinique Superprimer Face Primer Collection) where there is one for everyone – color correcting one, both dullness & redness removers and so on, intriguing…

And finally skincare. I really like trying new bits & pieces, slap some oils, creams, masks on my face and I’m realy obsessed with looking for smith new that may improve the skincondition and help with some certain concerns, so the magical masks (as the website says of course) is Borghese Fando Mask Active – let me quote the info from the site here, cause after those words you stop controlling yourself and just able to click ‘add to bag’ button – the combination of natural botanicals with Avocado and Sweet Almond oils gives intensive hydration, while gently melting the bonds that trap dead cells to the skin.

So, time to wrap it up. Hope you liked the post and if you have any further recommendations and can harm my wallet – pop them down. Wanna spend some money haha.



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