Saint-Petersburg – done!

Well, I’m back. If you don’t know I was away for the weekend I spent a lovely 3 days in Saint Petersburg. it’s a vise capital of Russia and this city was founded in 1703! It located on the Neva River at the head of the Gult of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Enough of the history – time for slideshow!


It was such a nice trip, really. We stayed especially in s SPA-hotel, because we needed pure relax and wanted to escape. Luckily this was THE place. There are a lot a saunas of different types (russia one, the hammam, steam sauna, the snowy one with -15C, the sauna with light heat and so on. Lovely place. The weather was beneficial – lucky we again. No rain no wind.

We walked a lot, visited beautiful places and ate delicious food. Bonus!

What was the best place you’ve visited? Tell me about them in the comments below – I’d love to dig up some info for further trips!

If you fancy other slideshow there is one from Paris!




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