The Daily Story #1

I want my blog to be me. Just in form of letters, words and photos. And in real life I’m not a makeup artist or beauty insider, just an ordinary person that loves makeup, collects nail polishes and fond of beauty in general.

For this ‘Friday Mess’ I though I will do something new and show you the different site of the blog a.k.a. ME. I decided to show you my day in photos, with out any stories, just to see one day. This was just a simple day when I had no plans, no work or what so ever. I think this is even more exciting. For example I love watching vlogs on YouTube or browsing bloggers instagram for some personal photos – I find it’s so interesting what people do!

So with out further do let’s watch – the pics placed randomly, but sure you’ll figure out the order:)


If you like this idea, tell me in the comments below I will try to to them more frequently :)


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