I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a lip-rpoduct girl. I barely use any lipstick or lipgloss. I may have several lip balms in my bag, but you’d like to borrow a pop-color than you’d probably had to find a new friend. But like in every rule there is an exception – just like in my case. There is one lipgloss that I adore and one lipstick that I can wear.


The lipgloss I’m talking about in Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

There are 6 shades of them in total, each is very natural and there is one for everyone. I have the 02 shade – apricot peachy color and 06 – browny caramel one, both loved and repurchased. I’m also tempting to pick up the pink shade – either the 01 (rose shimmer) or 05 (candy shimmer). The names also do its justice, right?

The lipstick is no surprise is MAC’s. The king ot lipsticks – any texture, any finish, any color. Just to pick one – this is the tricky part. My one-and-only helpmate – Patisserie. This is you lips but better shade for me. It’s a luster finish one, so it’s a semi-sheer and provides slight glow and looks dewy and wet on the lips (of course in a good way). If I fancy something different on my lips or even something on my lips – I grab this baby. I really do want to learn how to wear bold lip, but now it’s just not for me, I guess. But I really jealous when the girls can pull that off. Teach me please!

Do you have any staples that go with you hand by hand? Leave me in the comments below – let me dive in the lipstick world haha.



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