The wild nails

Well, you know I’m a big fan of nail polish and everything that is related to nails. Sometimes I’m just happy with a bold plane color on the nails, sometimes I’m fancy a little color combos (smth like this), but when I’m in a mood I can really be up for smth more complicated – the nail art…

Since now we are in the middle of fall, yes, I cannot believe it’s october already, I thought I would go with some dark and fall-ish shades. And of course it would be me if I could go with just one option! I decided to give dark red and leopard print a go.

The wild nailsI alternated red and print to make it more sophisticated and not too over-loaded. For the berry red I used Essie in Bordeaux and painted with every other nail. For the print base I used Essie in Sand Tropez. For the actual print I used Nubar in Swiss Chocolate and Sally Hansen in Golden-I – I’ve just used a dotting tool and placed rough circles (3-4 per nail) and then I just outlined them with a pure black Essie in Licorice and also drew random black lines/dots/curves.

I’m pretty impressed with the finished look and honesty I haven’t thought I can make it look good – but it appeared to be really easy.


  • make sure the base color is dry before you start ‘printing’ the leopard.
  • instead of the dotting tool you can use a toothpick or a pencil.
  • while making a print place some nail polish on the foil to avoid it drying that fast
  • have fun! do the way you feel!…

Should I do more nail arts?



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