Good morning, face!

After hearing a lot of raves about this foundation I’ve decided to give it ago, especially  knowing that I’ve needed one for I’m-taned period.

Rimmel WMUdescription: This foundation lies between cream and liquid consistency, so it practically glides over the skin and easily distributes all over.

coverage: Light to medium coverage depending on you blending  skills and desired translucent. I find it to be build-able as well, since I like it to be pretty sheer and just pat more on specific areas.

finish: This foundation gives a glowy finish (not shiny!)  and perfectly for girls with dry skin, BUT I think that with a powder the oily-skinn girls can deal with it. This foundation gives light from within and really wakes you up.

shades: Though I’ve chosen the lightest shade, it appeared to be a perfect shade for my tanned skin. This will more say about the cons of the foundation – lack of shades, so I think if you are pretty pale you should either skip it at all or mix it with something really light to make a perfect match.

packaging: Time for pros again. The foundation is in the glass bottle that has a pump and an orange lid. Need I say more? The pump makes it easy to use and pours the right amount you need.

overall opinion: I like this foundation it covers redness, little imperfections (with light hand blending)and I’m really glad I’ve picked this up.

If you have any questions or may be you want me to review something else, pop your request in the comments below.



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