Best of Fashion Week – Paris Edition

Paris and Fashion – two words that go hand by hand. forever. The shows are great, the clothes are stunning, the atmosphere is breath-taking… Wish I were there. The names that are popping up: Hermes, Elie Saab, Nina Ricci, Alexandr Mc Queen, Miu Miu, Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Chloe, Givency, Vivienne Westwood I can go on on – let’s get down to business a.k.a pictures! There are several designers that just blew my mind.

The first designer and the most predictable miracle – Elie Saab. How on earth it is possible to design so gorgeous and unbelievable amazing dresses? I LOVE THEM ALL & WANT THEM ALL.Image

The follower is Valentino. Ohh…. So lovely! The tribal prints, aztec pattern, rich colors – golds, greens, reds, turquoises, oranges… fascinating!..



Let’s move on. Nina Ricci. My eye caught arm candies and the whites. So fresh and elegant. Chic.

326x489_Quality100_330x495_Quality100_RIC_0123.450x675 326x489_Quality100_330x495_Quality100_RIC_0950.450x675 326x489_Quality100_330x495_Quality100_RIC_0104.450x675


The Balmain. Not my ordinary pick but I love it. The chain belts – aren’t they amazing? How many times I’ve said the word amazing? Not enough! 


What is your fav piece? Maybe something else you’ve spotted?



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