Cosmos in the bottle

Probably the dream of every girl is to have at least one Chanel nail polish. The sleek and chic packaging and ‘CC’ letters make it sooo desirable and attractive that you get blinded and don’t notice how you pulled the money out of the pocket and leaving the store with a freshly bought nail polish. hypnoses.

When they released the Spring’13 collection and this polish made an appearance I knew this love from the first sight. It’s a such a unique color and something I’ve never owned before. BUT every store I’ve been to didn’t have it or had some other issues.

Recently I stumbled across THIS little (and cheaper!) baby – Anny in The answer is love. Same redy-purply vampy-ish shade that reflects red, purple, copper, orange-ish..stunning!


I would call the Anny more shimmery one, where the Chanelis slightly moreglitter-ish. Anny unfortunately is missing the bluey-violety shimmer, but still veeery eye-catching. I think this shade with make a frequent appearance on my nails this season.


I think I will look flattering on every skin tone and on every nail length! The swatches are yet to come, but even in the bottle you can see the the gorgeous shimmer going through – ones you see one shade, the next second it’s absolutely another color. This is the color when you can’t stop staring at your nails. Good sigh, huh?

The Chanel swatch is from Temptalia

Which one do you prefer? I’m in love with both.



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