Well, I thought it’s time for another personal reveal. I think such posts help everyone understand me, a little sneak-peak into my life (just like it’s written here) and may be help me to find more like-minded persons, which is always great, right?

spain-mapI love Spain and everything associated with it and especially the Spanish language. I think is very tuneful, bright and just slides…

I’m been learning it for almost 3 years, here and there, with several breaks, but now I’m back on track and the post is right on time. I would say that the language is easy not difficult. You pretty much read what you see, write what you hear. There are several terms of course, but nothing fancy. As for vocabulary – a lot similar verbs and nouns as in English – that simplifies things, isn’t it?

Also this language is pretty wide-spread one. Last year the Instituto Cervantes did a research and it appeared that 495 million people speaks Spanish all over the world, which takes it up to the 2nd place after Chinese. This is something to consider.

Are you learning any foreign languages? Pop in the comments down below!


The picture nabbed from TripOutlook.


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