My (non)sheduled Saturday morning

What can be more relaxing than spending the day with-out schedule and Saturday is THE day for that. Since I’m an early wake-uper I tend to get up at around 10.00, so I have more time spending on myself and enjoy and day and be more productive fun-n-interesting-wise. The first ritual when I wake up is glass of warm water – don’t know if is it beneficial, but many people say it’s healthy, so why not and it does help my to wake up easily, that’s for sure. Then I head up to the bathroom to take a shower, brush my teeth & do my morning skincare routine, so I’m appropriate for breakfast.

My favorite part of the morning after applying make-up is making breakfast, not even eating it (yes, yes, you heard read me right!) First of all – coffee. Yes, hello, my name is Sonya and I’m a coffee addict. I usually drink americano the biiiiig mug, but sometimes if I want something more fancy I do cappuccino (I pour hot milk in a blend – yep – and give it a good swirl and to the mug) – viola puuurfect combo! While drinking coffee I like to read some blogs on bloglovin’ or watch some YouTube videos or even my fav TV show of the moment and of course I’m planning what I’m going to have for breakfast. There are several options: oatmeals with berries and some yogurt with honey drizzle, poached egg on a toast with some lettuce and spices, maybe omelet with tomatoes/sweet pepper/spinach or if it’s a stomach party then there will be pancakes or fried cottage cheese – I wish it was breakfast time now…. This whole process is taking me about on hour or 2 depending on time cooking and I don’t like to rush with food.

After that if I don’t need to go anywhere is less than 2 hours I usually do my nails – picking a color can at least take me 15 minutes…yes, the expenses of having a big (huge, ok) nail polish collection. If I don’t have these 2 manicure hours I move straight to make-up and here is the simplicity part comes in. I usually go with a light sheer foundation (no matter what season it is), something like YSL touche eclat foundation or my trusty and beloved Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer then I go in with a bronze – Nars Laguna in a 3-shape then I pick a blush depending on my mood and finish everything up with heavily curled and covered in mascara lashes. Who cares that it’s had to remove in the evening if it rocks during the day, right?

I like Saturdays (Sundays as well btw!) since it’s a new day, full of time and new discoveries and you don’t know what’s gonna happen this day. You just deep down in the adventure.

How does your morning look like? What is your fav part of the morning? Comment comment and again comment. Thanks for stopping by anyway and making it to the end.


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