Well, finally I’m done with this week – that’s a been a pretty tough one. I’ve been ill for the most part of it (and I’m still ill unfortunately…) so there isn’t much make-up, I was bare-faced pretty much all days. But there are still some bobs and bits I want to talk you through.


Clarins Face and Blush Palette. This is the only make-up thing I had time to use at the beginning of the week. Again can get enough of that. The universal palette – use the middle shades to bronze up the face, to give a bit of oomph to the face and with big fluffy brush the all-over-swirl pop some color on the cheeks.

KIKO nail color. Since I had to stay in bed I was so bored, so I had to keep my hands busy and this came soo handy. This is the perfect shade, neither on the cooler nor on the warmer side, neither in the pink spectrum nor in the berry. Pure red. Very flattering. I’ve painted my nails twice within one week.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil. This is the only thing I’ve been using to moisturize my face, because of the illness my skin became dry with some really dry patches. And the overall condition was not the good – the skin feels tight and not elastic – this was/is my life-skin-saver.

Encore Provence: New Adventures in the South of France by Peter Mayle. This is a tasty book. Yes, yes. While reading it you want to taste everything mentioned, visit every place described and generally be there. The speciality of this book is you don’t want to read it fast – you want to pass through each and everyword.

Random favorite time! Candy Crush App. I got into it when it was just released and now again. Obsessed. I was bored and ran through my phone apps and when saw THAT icon I just couldn’t think of anything else… Even now one hand is typing and the other is playing.

Do you have any stood-out this week? Tell me in the comment section.




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