The Vampiest

Every fall I get excited about my dark nail polishes. During warm months they can look a bit inappropriate (but if you are in a mood – do what you like), so when the temperature is moving down and not up I’m wiping off the dust from my beloved darks. There are a lot of options you can go for – almost-black blues or purples, chocolate shades, pure blacks and my favourite category – burgundies and vampies.

There is the one nail polish that I can never live with out during fall and I won’t exchange for any other option (even some fancy-shmancy brand-ish one, yes yes, you heard me right). My hero is Essie ‘Bordeaux’. This is a jelly type, which means you need 3 coats at least since they are thin, BUT they dry pretty fast and the polish practically glides-on and doesn’t require any hard work.

ImageAnother thing with Essies’ nail polishes is their brush – thick and wide, which covers the whole nail with one swipe – isn’t it a dream? The packaging? I don’t know that white lid just begging me to buy it everytime the spot me – so sleek and elegant and they make a perfect-for-storage bit.

If you are still not converted, see the amount I’ve used up already – this is how I love it. Still thinking? Well, there are some rumors (shhh…) that this is a Chanel’s dupe for “Rouge Noir’ if you apply like 4 coats. I thinks it’s worth it. Hope you are on my side now and I got you hocked.

Do you have ant fabs for this category? Leave a comment please… :)



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