Pandora converted

I think that nowadays there isn’t a girl that haven’t heard about the ‘Pandora’. The girls are getting pretty much obsessed with it – once you’ve bought either a bracelet or a 1st charm – nooow comes that hardest part – the resistance. If you have a pandora bracelet then you know what I mean. You always want to buy more charms no matter how many you have.


If you unfamiliar (shocker!) with this concept – you basically buy a bracelet (silver, leather, bangle etc.) and you can buy charms of any shape/color/monument/material basically you can find whatever your soul feel. Pretty smart idea, isn’t it? Also what I like about that whole thing is the universal part – the price range – again there is something for everyone.

Here is my bracelets and some of my charms. For example the Eiffel Tower I bought in Paris (for the sake of best memories), the red one was a present from my brother on my Bday, the gingerbread man is my present to myself – it’s a pretty rare charm in my country, so when I came across with it – I couldn’t pass that. The most adorable of the bunch I think is the cupcake, how cute is that?

Do you own a pandora bracelet? What are your fav charms?

I like to look at other girls’ bracelets to see what they have – sneaky peaky:)



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