‘Soft & Gentle’ by MAC

Thanks to make up and special techniques it can help you to cheat. Bigger lips? Conceal the lip line and draw another one with a lip pencil. Light and spaceless brows? Eyeshadow and a brush or an eye pencil and you are Cara Delevingne. No cheekbones? Contouring and highlighting and you are done with the complexion.

The last one is the one I use the most. I’m not Vivien Leigh, so I need something to enhance something or that little that I have. I’ve a lot of bronzers and highlighters, but todays I’m going to talk about one of my favorite one – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ‘Soft and Gentle’. I just love it. I won’t say it is finely milled at all, there even a small line of chinky glitter (this by the way I like to pop into inner conners with a small brush). At the same time I won’t say that you look crazily glittered with it, no, If you a highlighter-guurl – this one is for you.


Another thing I like to use it for it when I fancy a minimum make up day look I apply it as an eyeshadow, the shimmery lids and a mascara – and you look stunning without any fuss really.


Now I’m on a hunt got theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. This one seems to be heeeeeaaaven…. Something tells me you gonna see me hauling. Poor pocket.

Are you fond of highlighters? Do you have the-one one?



6 thoughts on “‘Soft & Gentle’ by MAC

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