The brushes routine

There are plenty of ways to apply your make up and I’m talking only about the foundation application. Foundation, eyeshadow, highlighter, lipstick – all of this can be applied either using your hands or with a make up brushes. When I’m in a hurry I usually apply my foundation with hands sheerly all over the face concentrating on my areas, then I take a creamy eyeshadow drag it all over the lid, take a creamy lip blush and again pop it on the apples of the cheeks and I’m all ready up and good to go.

When I have some time I really like relax, set everything and enjoy the journey of applying it.

daily brushes

For the face I like to use RT Buffing Brush, it gives me flawless skin as it really helps to work the foundation in and make it look seamlessly. Then I move on to brows, here I use an angled Claire’s brush – remember the show you spent our childhood buying away earrings, bangles and other sort of jewelry? This is the one I’m keeping the brush from and still using it successfully.

Now let’s move on to the complexion? For contouring I use RT Contour Brush since I like the precise definition it gives at the same  time allowing to blend it out naturally.  For the blush I really like to use RT Multi Task one (even thinking of buying another one – that much I like it). I really like that it places the right amount of color and the the right place. For highlighter I use my finger pretty often actually, but I’m in a mood for brush I grab RT Essential Foundation (the bigger paddle foundation brush) – that seems to be an odd choice, but I like that it’s flat and just the size of my cheekbone, so I just place it there I sweep where necessary.

When it comes to applying eye make up – MAC rocks. For packing on color I love my 239 – you can really build up the color and apply it pretty sheerly. To create the crease and work the color into – 217. Surprise surprise. Everyone talks about this one and everyone loves it – I’m not an exception. For applying color over the lower lash line I use my MAC 219 – pencil brush. Tiny but powerful.

What are you favorite brushes? Any brands you love or would love to try?



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