Before-bed pamper

I just love the time when all the hommy business is done and after a long day you just have time for yourself, for a little daily relax. I take off my make up as soon as I get home (at least I try to do that way), so cleansing and all that skincare-ing don’t fall into relax category.


My pampering session starts when I’m already in my pajamas. I’m wrapping in my blanket, take my bobs&bits and here comes ‘the party’. I’m starting with my feet and gently cover them with a cream that I have on rotation right now – Gehwol Balsam Normale Haut. Then I put on warm socks and move on to hair. A little blob of hydrating oil to help the hair is always great, huh? I’m really liking Moroccanoil Original – I feel like it really does something for my hair. Now it’s time for arms. I’m taking a rich cream – Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Beeswax hand cream and apply it all over and mainly concentrating on the elbows and hands/cuticles. Let’s move on? Yes. Lips. I’m using my DIY lip scrub every other night (if you fancy making your own one – check the link) and then moisture, moisture, moisture – NUXE Reve de Miel. Sometimes I’m going super crazy and I put on gloves.

Before bed I’m trying not use any electronic devises so that I can rest properly and clear my mind. So I’m taking a book that I’m currently reading or grab a magazine just to flick through several pages. Sometimes I’m putting a slow and relaxing music as a background, that cannot harm, right?

This is how I like to spend my 20minutes-before-bed time. What is your night routine? Am I missing something, pop your recommendations in the comment section.



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