And the award goes to …

Being a  nail polish junkie I’m always trying out new brands and color and want to use the puurfect match for each color category. The flattering green, the bright cobalt, the pastel-est pink, the pure black or the perfect burgundy shade. This time I think I found the nicest blue-jeans color. I think I will use it a lot this fall, especially that this color is pretty trendy this season. So the award for ‘sweetbounty best fall pick‘ goes to Zoya ‘Natty’.


This is my first Zoya nail polish and I quite like it, honestly. I’m not sure whether it’s only this color or the while range, but I found that the consistency is more liquid-ish than any other nail polish I have – and it’s a cream formula, not a jelly one – bare that in mind. I didn’t have any application troubles what so ever. The drying time again average. Moreover the Zoya’s benefit is toxic-free composition: toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). So if you worry about the ingredients and want to use only safe products – this should  be something to give a go. Now the price? 8$ on official web-site. Not bad, huh?

I bought mine offline, but I really want to know where I get hold of them online. If you have any ideas, please-please let me know!



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