My MAC palette

When it comes to eyeshadows MAC is the first name that comes to mind in pretty much everyone’s head, right? I do love a good eyeshadow – the smooth texture, unique shade and chance to build a palette.

IMG_9947I have an old quad which content I rotate on a regular basis. Since I’m buying MAC eyeshadow in refiles – much cheaper and easier to store – that’s not a problem to combine current faves in one place.

The shades that get my most love this days are:

All That Glitters: I think this is the most talked about shade. Pinky peach shimmery shade that look flattering on every skin-tone and is a go-to eyeshadow for no-makeup makeup days.

Coquette. This is the shade I’m using for my brows. I know everyone is taking about Omega, Charcoal Brown, Espresso, but I found one that works for me, nay be I will try another shade on the further, but now I cannot justify buying another brow eyeshadow.

Patina. Gold-ish brown shade. I usually apply this all over the lid – sometimes leave it on its own or place something darker on the crease and under the eye a bit for a more defined look.

Club. This shade I would call the most recognized shade. The color that is okay, let’s say it strange. In the pot it’s brown, but as soon as you blend it you get a gorgeous brown with moss green metallic flex, it’s one of those do-it-all shades. If you are near the MAC counter, just swatch it, promise me!

IMG_0017 2


Do you have any MAC favs that didn’t make an appearance – I’m looking forward to your recommends ;)



4 thoughts on “My MAC palette

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