The grey, the nude, the metallic.

Fall, fall…And what’s the best way to feel the season that paint your nails a different color. We all aware that now everyone goes crazy over blue, my there are some trends that are ‘in’ all the time. And also there are some people what are not brave to experiment with wild colors or just OK with their own path.

Today I’ve pick several shades, that are pretty much neutrals, the ones do you don’t have to worry about matching the outfit. So let’s see what is on the menu.


Essie ‘Sand Tropez’. The nudest nude. This is my all-time fav one, cause it leaves your hands still alive and not dead the way some nude can. Also this is a good color in terms of work/school/college appropriate if you have some strict conditions there.

KIKO. This is one is a straight-up metallic. I find that it’s a good with/without topcoat color. If you not keen on metallics, don’t worry, there is a prescription for you too – glossy top. That color remains the same, shine appears and everyone is happy.

Chanel Particuliere. The only Chanel nail polish I have use. Remember those days (several season ago) when the browns just poppe-up..? Well, that was insane. Every brans tried to copy the shade, cause it’s was wow. I yes, I couldn’t resist either. I bought this one with a gift card (of course, who wants to pay a fortune on a nail polish?) and this a chic color for sure.

Essie ‘Merino Cool’. The purpe-ish grey. Whenever I wear it, people always ask me what is on my nails. Isn’t it a sigh that this one is damn good? I thinks it is. This one looks so goof on us, pale not-tanned guurls. This shade my mom likes a lot, which again BIG deal.

Essie ‘Smokin Hot’. This a darker, grayer version of ‘Merino Cool’, but still gorgeous. This is the shade for those who cannot wear black (for any reason), but still want something dark on the nails. Wanna look polished? This is your option.

Do you have any fav in this color category? I would love to hear them.



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