The coffee addict

Since today is Friday Mess time I though I’ll talk about something different this time – no make up, no beauty and no fashion.

We are all guilty in our eating habits – from time to time we eat a bit of junk food, drink something we shouldn’t. We all know that that influence our skin condition and overall health. But something nothing can stop us, right?

I don’t like neither junk food nor sweet drinks, but my sin is coffee. I really everything about it – the smell, the taste, the ‘texture’, the atmosphere. At home I even have specific cups I drink the coffee from. I love americano, cappuccino or latte (but either with soya or almond milk). On holidays I don’t mind putting a bit of syrup or something – like amaretto or irish cream thang, will a girl can have some spice, right?

There is one thing that I’m proud of – no sugar added! I don’t like sweet coffee – I would rather bite a bit of dry fruit or something, or may be honey – just to trim lightly.



IMG_3474 IMG_2484 IMG_3121

Do you have some of those sins? Let’s share!





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