Natura Siberica Sea-buckthorn Hair Mask

Natura Siberica is a Russian brand which claims to be organic and uses organic products found in Siberia’s ecologically clean region. It’s an organic brand, the products contains natural oils, essential oils, flower and tree extracts.

I’m currently using the shampoo and conditioner from this brans as well, but will talk about those bits later – today is the mask’s day.


Firstly let’s talk about my hair condition. My hair is a bit frizzy and curly and sometimes I have to straight the front part, so my hair is on the drier side, and I have some splitter ends. So the treatment I usually go for is nourishing shampoos, extra-moisturing conditioners, oils, hydrating masks.  So when I’ve spotted this new release I did’t doubt a minute, paid the check and tried it the same evening.

This mask promises to make your hair silky smooth and hydrated and yes, it does it all. It really nourishes the hair, acts as a de-tangler – you don’t put any effort brushing you hair and it leaves your hair softer and shinier. I’ve also noticed that more manageable.

It should be applied after the shampooing the hair for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I put it for more (smth like 30min) and them you rinse it off with a water and here you have it – new hair. The texture is pretty thick, but it spreads easily and evenly over all length.

This is a new range from the brand, so it’s not widely sold online, especially this mask. Other products from this range oils, serums can be bought (which I’m planning to try next) on Amazon. If you’re interested in this mask, try to watch the item – I’m sure it should pop-up soon.

Do you have some interesting hair mask I should try?



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