Wow – it’s been six weeks since I’ve started this type of posts – I cannot believe that. And we are moving further and further – new time and new products. Let’s see what this week brought in terms of beauty.

This week appeared to be more makeup-packed one and that’s not bad in any why, that’s why we all gathered here after all, right?


Mac ‘Well dressed’ blush. The pink blush with blue undertones which also have a bit of a shimmer shine so you can probably even skip the highlighter. This blush isn’t suitable for all skin types, unfortunately, if you are tan that probably may not show up on you. Even on me! I have a special technique to apply it. See below.

Real Techinques Stippling Brush. This is the only brush that is able to place upper-mentioned blush. This brush allows to blend the color at the dame time providing nice flash of color. This brush is also great to applying liquid/cream foundation seamlessly and very smoothly.

A bit of skincare throw-in. Clarins Lotion Tonique with camomile (for normal/dry skin). I have a yes-no relationships with tonics. Even in the web there hot discussions whether you need to use it or not. Now I know, I do! My skin really behaviors differently when I use a toner, it’s a like a small bit that my skincare puzzle was missing. If you aren’t sure, try the Clarins ones – there are high quality and accessible as well. 

Maybelline ‘The Rocket’ mascara. I adore Maybelline mascaras, I cannot go wrong with them. I’m almost finished that one, and the 3 month period is also right up the corner, but I love it. And I’m sure I will repurchase this one not even twice I’m sure.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper. I do love to fill on my brown, a lot. But sometimes I don’t have time and brush them through, them go with a powder then with a gel to set it. Sometimes you just have time for one product and this is the one. This is a tinted brow gel/fixer. It does the job – the brows are shaped and uniform the whole day, they don’t move and you aren’t left with crispy brows either, that’s a plus, isn’t it?

This is it, hope this post was informative. Do you have smith interesting bit to share this week? Go ahead!



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