China Glaze in action

The collection I cannot passed. I’m mostly cream and jelly lover, but shimmers are now happening to be ma thing! The collection I’m talking about is China Glaze Autumn Night. I’m not a bit picky with a nail polish, I want to buy something that it, something I don’t have – either color a texture wise.

There are several nail polishes, 3 to be specific, that caught my eye – the gold one, the purple and perfect rose gold for me. Image

Stay tuned for swatches since I’ve tried them all on, but from what I’ve heard and looked online I can asure you that the finish is not glittery a.k.a you don’t have to apply tones of topcoat to make your nails sleek and smooth.

The drying time is also promising. As far as staying power and removing option – cannot say more – the time will fix this.

But I’m in love with the shades anyways, so I’m not bothered, I can pass through problems!

Have you tried something from the collection? Something you want to het your hands on?



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