Allure love affair

I think that pretty much everyone who have at least small interest in beauty know about the Allure magazine. It popped up around quite recently but won love instantly. This magazine is very informative, gives a lot of selections concerning every aspect whether it’s skincare, haircare, nail care or makeup. A lot of swatches, pictures, comparisons, reviews and dupes. Beauty paradise in other words. This magazine isn’t available worldwide, but I was lucky enough to live in a country with an Allure magazine on the shelves. I bought a subscription and now every 20th dates of the month I’m religiously checking the mail.

ImageThis month Allure issued the special edition. Best of beauty edition. Almost 10 pages of best beauty bobs and bits to study – nail polishes, concealers, powders, perfumes, candles, hair treatments – ooooooh!


Another thing that warmed my heart – makeup-bag friendly retractable brush. It’s red and ‘Allure-d’. What is more there to ask for? Nothing. It’s soft, multi-task one – powder/blush/bronzer sized – perfection.

If you are really into beauty, but you cannot get your hands on Allure magazine there is always a site for you with all those beauty advices and new beauty launches! Just be careful – it’s addicting and veeeery time consuming.

Do you have any beloved beauty magazines or beauty sites to browse? I’m always glad to here something out!



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