iHerb haul

The iHerb web-site – the site full of natural organic products. I love searching for some new products skincare-wise, makeup-wise (yes, there are some organic mascaras, lipsticks, some eyeshadows that suppose to have less gunk then others), nail care-wise. And believe me they do have a lot to offer. Also the site is full of grocery products – again everything you might ever thought about – sweets, cookies, coffee, tea, granola, nuts, a lot. There is a lot of staff there and it’s pretty much pointless to list everything – just have a look yourself.

This time I’ve end up this some staff, let’s share?


Aura Cacia Rosehip Oil with Vitamin E. I love to use oils on my face, I think it make a huge difference to the skin. I’m almost done with my rosehip oil from Trilogy, so I thought I would give this one a go.

Now Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Firming Serum. This one I’ve picked more for my mum. It says that it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and smooth the skin surface. For all skin types.

The I went crazy over the nail section.

Nutra Nail Base Coat & Ridge Filler with green tea. It should prolongate the nail wear, smooth uneven nail bed and prevent yellowing/fading. Sounds like this is what I want&need.

Nutra Nail Cuticle Remover. I do love my one from Sally Hansen, but I’ve decided to try something more delicate and nourishing. Why not?

Nutra Nail Speed Dry. This fast drying topcoat had a lot of positive reviews on Iherb, so I’ve decided to try it. Some people claim that this one is better than INM one and even Seche Vite (!). Can you believe that?

Ultra Nails Nail Strengthener. Again the most hyped up and wide talked about nail treatment. Why not try it? To help you nail grow healthier and faster always good, right?

Henna Persian Black by Rainbow. Henna is a well-know hair conditioner. This one is in black, so it also provides a wash of color. Niiiice.

St. Dalfour Apricot spread. I love a bit of jam with tea or coffee over a wholegrain loaf of bread. yummy.

If you are interested in something you’ve read about or you want to pick something yourself I have a 10$ discount code HQM000 that you may use. Since the price range starts low, it’s plenty!



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