Stationery Lover

Beauty isn’t the only thing I’m going crazy about. Of course. I’ve already mentioned that here, haven’t I?

This time I’m going to reveal another odd obsession – stationery.

Who doesn’t feel excited about new ink pen or fresh lines in a notepad? Probably normal people don’t even notice those types of things, but I do.

Do you know that sound when you turn over new pages? That color saturation of a new pen? The freshly unpacked post-it notes? Gosh, I can go over and over for hours days!

My weaknesses – notepads, pens, Stabilo fineliners, post-its, some random unnecessary cute staff.

IMG_0213The design and packing are key factors while picking something up. Isn’t this Apple-d notepad adorable? And this black-n-white notepad with a fir; with clear pages? You see, I’m crazy…. 

I also adore my new album with sticky notes, bookmarks and ordinary sheets of paper – but do you see how sweet they are – hearts, birds, leaves, pastel colors…?

Stabilo pens and marks? They deserve the whole separate post. The colors, the texture, the thickness and that sleek design?

These can cheer you up every cold day, it instantly brings joy and also makes everything easy to find – neon stickers.

Antiqued‘ envelopes. My friends always ask me where do I get those whenever I hide something in those for them.

Pocket Sticker Pack – sticker, paper cuts, pen holder, corners – everything that helps you be organized / colorful / creative! It transforms your planner or your desk area.

Are you fond of stationery? If you do, welcome to the crazy people club!



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