Do-it-all oil

I love me a good oil. I do. There is nothing a good oil cannot heal. Hair? Check. Nails? Check. Face? Check. Dry knees or elbows? Check. I also love multi-purpose bits. And if my both fancies are combined? Well, this is when THIS oil comes in action – 100% Jojoba Oil.


Hairtake few blobs, warm them up on your hands and apply through ends concentrating mainly on the ends, cause it helps to hydrate them and also seal splitter ones / add few drops to the conditioner you are currently using – this will enhance its power and provide shine

Nails / Cuticlesgently and generously massage oil around the cuticle and over the nail bed

Face / Bodyhelps oily skin girls produce less oil since jojoba oil is the most similar to the properties of human skin oil / works as a great night moisturize for all skin types either used on its own or mixed with regular moisturizer / apply on any dry patches or elbows or knees and overnight they will disappear / can be used as a very effective lip balm – just a thin layer and you will survive the colds / spread all over the body after a shower to keep skin smooth and hydrated / wet cotton pads with a small amount of oil and say good bye to even water-proof makeup 

This honestly a great oil and very travel-friendly. Do you see how much space you may save just using the mentioned above techniques in your routine?

Do you have any favorite oils? I’d love to try some more good staff!



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