Gold mine

Since the holidays are approaching – shop windows are all decorated, web-sites are having a make-overs with their gift sets and people me on a hunt for sweaters with deers.

Nails also need some fiesta. Holiday season is probably the most appropriate time to wear gold nails. I love a good gold nail polish, and here I’m talking about pure gold, opaque-in-2 coats, not-sheer-top-coat shade.


Let’s see what I have here for you.


The-affordableSally Hansen ‘Golden-i’. The shade that appears in people’s mind when the hear the word gold. No hint of yellow, no hint of copper. Not too shimmery, not hard to remove – the perfect drugstore option.

The-texture-buddy – China Glaze ‘Goldie but Goodie’. This is a glittery shimmer – has both small and bigger bits. It’s bright, it’s opaque, it’s gorgeous! The formula is great as well, just a pleasure to apply.

The-glitter-packageButter London ‘Bit Faker’. The caramelized version of gold. This is more coppery version, full-on glitter. This screams holidays. Probably painful to remove, but with a foil trick it comes of pretty easy.

The-comboEssie ‘Ballet Slippers’ + China Glaze ‘Cleopatra’. This is probably cheating, but this is damn good pair. ‘Cleopatra’ is a sheer gold-ish topcoat with blue/purple/turquoise particles. It’s time consuming (2-3 coats of each polish), but totally worth it!

The-cheaterChina Glaze ‘Glitter All the Way’. How could I NOT include that one? It’s just holidays in the bottle – pack of green / purple / red / gold glitter. I usually use this one as an accent shade (too much glitter for 10 tips) – but 2-4 nails just what doctor ordered.

How do you feel about gold on your nails?



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