Let it fly

Since there were a lot of nails and other beauty bits I thought I would through a bit of fashion staff. I recently came across that ‘birds’ are gaining certain popularity. The trend I really enjoy is jewelry with swallows. I’m sure you’ve seen tons of those pictures on either Pinterest or WeHeartIt.com. I don’t know makes them that special for me – they are both dainty/feminine but not just simple easy-peasy design, it’s just something something. Gosh. I just don’t know, whenever I see something, I immediately want to buy it.

I’ve found some interesting pieces and though I would share them with you – just like an inspiration or as a part of Christmas Gift Guide. Yes, yes, there will be the whole week dedicated to Christmas Shopping – I’m gonna cover you in all exciting department.

Okay, back to jewelry.









What is your favorite jewelry and where you buy your favorite pieces?


*pictures from Pinterest and WeHeartIt.com

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