From London with love

When it comes to nail polishes I’m not that specific – I don’t care much about the brand, packaging or even long lasting abilities (I paint my nails every other day anyway). My only concern is color – this is the whole is about after all, right?

BUT … like you haven’t expect that….

There is one brand that blows me away. Even the packaging is soooo sleek and unusual – yes, Butter London, I’m looking at you. Not the most cheap option, but so adorable is the straight shape, that rectangle black lid…oh..


I don’t own that many Butter London nail polishes, but (yes, again…but) I’m working on it and the pocket is screaming.

The pigmentation is awesome, many creams are one-coat dreams. Neither the chipping is the problem. For me those nail polishes are the ones you cannot go wrong with.

The color I have (from left to right):

IMG_0096 17.36.28

Royal Blue – Queen Vic – Slapper – Bit Faker

Love them all, will love them for ever and gonna treat them with new brothers and sisters!

Do you have those I-can-just-look-at-you-and-don’t-touch nail polishes?



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