Bring the smile back

We all have that time when you are just tired of everything, you are not in the mood and nothing makes you happy – you are just depressed in other words. I though I would throw a little list os things here / some ideas that may help you and the things that really helps me.


If you are a nail person – paint your nails! This is my jack at a pinch. Whenever I feel a bit ‘turned-off’ in the morning, I have a solution – new bright manicure. Pinks, reds, cobalt blues (Nails inc ‘Baker Street’ is perfect for that), neons are your best friends. Pick something that will instantly make you happy.

Music. We all know how music can make us feel. Find one song that makes you dance, makes you want to do it. The one you cannot listen to standing to lying still! My current one and the old one Memories by David Guetta ft Kid Cudi. Dance like nobody’s watching, remember?

Back to the beauty department. Make your self a bath with aroma oils. Light up some candles. It’s just 10 a.m.? So what, who cares, do what you need to do. While you are in the bath treat yourself with a face mask! Don’t know which one, check out my blogpost with my favorite ones.

Okay, the next thing you can do – …you ready…? Sleep! Okay, I do understand that this can only work on a day-off or weekends, but let’s make it work. Earlier in bed that day? Possible. Take a nap after school / uni ? Possible.

Another easy, free option – go for a walk. To the park and breath – fresh air can’t do any harm to anyone. 30 mins at least and you gonna be back home a brand new human being. Fresh thoughts, pinky cheeks and puuurfect mood.

Have extra $10-$20. Go blow the money. Buy the most useless / stupid / ridiculous thing you want if it’s gonna cheer you up. It can be a chocolate bar, cup of coffee with cream, new lipgloss, nail polish, skincare item, new notepad, iPhone case, piece of jewelry, scarf – anything.

TV show, movie. You cannot go wrong with any of that. One is enough – just pick a comedy, the one that gonna make you laugh. That’s the whole point ad the reason we are here, right? If you are like me, and you are book-wormerier than go for a book. Find yourself sometime to spend on YOU. YOUR book. Even couple of pages will make a difference.

Hobby. Everyone should get one. If you don’t have keep on looking. Spend time on your hobby – drawing, writing, DIYing, cooking, going to the museums / theaters / cinemas, hanging out with friends. You know the drill.

What can change my crappy day into a brighter one? Red nail polish, few pages of freshly picked book and a pleasant music through my speakers.

Probably the long post, but I think it’s worth it!

If you have mood-up-lipfting recipes pop them in the comments. Let’s help each other!



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