Eye Primer: to be or not to be…?

In today’s beauty world there is a primer for everything – eyes, face, hair..?, under-eye, like what? I’m not that fond of face primers, I don’t know… The idea of another layer stops me… Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t own them , of course! I prefer illuminating ones – i love mixing them with foundations, timed moisturizers for extra glow and rested complexion.

Okay, back to eyes. I wasn’t a fan of eye primers until I got my hand on Urban Decay Naked palette. If you don’t know they come with with a mini version of Primer Potion a.k.a Eye Primer. Then the magic happened.


I literally felt in love with it. The eyeshadows doesn’t crease, they last longer and the color show up more opaque and flattering.

I don’t have particularly oily eye lids or any of that business, but I still use it everyday – whenever I use eyeshadow of course.

This primer has no tint, it dry transparent, so you can use any eyeshadow on top. Cream eyeshadows by the way sit perfectly as well, you don’t even have to lock it with powder eyeshadow.

My next stop is NARS primer. Many blogger swear but it.

Conclusion – if you haven’t tried eye primers before, I really recommend you try them. Now I cannot apply eye makeup with out applying one – and this means lot, right?

Do you have a favorite eye primer? I’m ready to note them down!



One thought on “Eye Primer: to be or not to be…?

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