BellaPierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow

Being a complete eyeshadow addict I always like to try something new. I cannot leave a drugstore without picking up a shade or two (or a palette, oops). Remember that new Maybelline quad? Neither can I miss a good investment in MAC eyeshadow or a decent luxury quad/little palette – you can never treat yourself enough, right?

I’m always tempted to try loose eyeshadows, I think this is such a unique concept to eye makeup – can be used wet or dry (as a line-liner), sheer or fully layered.


BellaPierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow in Calm* – £12.99 – from Beauty Expert. Those eyeshadows are perfect for sensitive-eye girls – there are hypoallergenic, formulated with natural mica mineral & no additional additives / talc. The shade range is pretty wide – from pale highlighting to even bright green.

The shade I have is ‘Calm’ – the color itself is completely opposite to the name – nothing calming – outstanding shimmer goddess. Purply grey-ish shade with colorful glitter particles – yellow, green, turquoise, purple. Oh…pure fairy dust.


The color and shimmer itself are very hard to pick up on camera…but here is the general color


I found that it should be applied with eye primer on to ‘glue’ it and to make it last longer. I wore it with eye-primer and no creasing / falling offs / fading.

It’s a perfect shade for a night out – I packed the eyeshadow all over the lid and just soften a bit the crease with a warm brown shade. Plenty of mascara, subtle blush and you are good to go. And always make your brows with intense eye look – fill them in with either pencil or an eyeshadow.


Excuse the background, but you follow the natural light and mine happened to be in the kitchen :)


With removing the eyeshadow I also had no issues. Bioderma or even simple oil (jojoba, almond, even olive) will do the job. I’m more than happy with using those eyeshadows.

I also wanna share with you some tricks when messing playing around with loose eyeshadows:

  • fall-outs happen – make sure you either do your foundation after or place a tissue under not to ruin the base
  • flat brushes or fingers are your best friends – such eyeshadows should not be dragged over the lids, only patting motions
  • newbies can use loose eyeshadows – if you are new to make up and afraid to use those types of eyeshadow, put a matt eyeshadow all over the lid and place a pigment only to the lid center to make your eyes pop

Hope you find my post helpful and will give those eyeshadow a try – the definitely worth it.


*PR sample

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