Tobacco for a non-smoker

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about cigarets or cigars – today we are speaking perfume.

I’ve been on a hunt for new fragrance for quite sometime. I got really tired of those floral / sweet / fruity scents – I wanted something spicy, woody, more delicate, more mature – I know I know… the cliche.

Once I was really hooked on Estee Lauder ‘Sensuous Noir’. Again those woody spicy scents: patchouli, black pepper, spiced lily, subtle sweetness of rose and jasmine. Every time I was in the shop I used to give them a try on m wrist, but never end up buying it. Who know why…

Okay, for this post I have a different king/queen. I was randomly walking around the city and just couldn’t pass the opportunity to visit beauty shop. It was then and there when I saw a Diptyque counter. I immediately smelled all the perfumes, touched every candle and tortured the assistant asking about every bit the sell.



After spritzing Diptyque ‘Volutes’ I knew – this is the one. When the lady told me that the main note is tobacco, I was confused 0 how can a non-smoker fall in love with tobacco. Question to the universe. The fragrance is from woody collection – blend of tobacco, wax, honey, difference spices: pepper, peppercorns, hint of Oriss, everlasting flower and styrax.

I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it. It’s one of those scents that catches the attention. It’s memorable.

I cannot recommend this enough, if you looking for something spicy and you are able to smell it in person – go do it. I’m sure you will like it. The price can ‘bite‘, but c’mon you deserve it and pretty much all fragrances have a high price range.

It’s sophisticated. You see, I’m so fascinated, that I can barely can find the words to describe the perfume.

Do you have something from this scent family? I’d love you try more.



3 thoughts on “Tobacco for a non-smoker

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