Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in ‘Chaos’

Hello, my name is Sonya and I’m a cobalt addict. Remember I’ve told you that cobalt blues are huge right now? I’ve already mention my love for Nail Inc ‘Baker Street’ and Butter London ‘Royal Blue’ in my WEEK HEROES. There is also was a fashion cobalt fav, remember that scarf? But for this time we gonna leave nails behind and move on to face makeup. Image Those colors are really hard to use on a daily basis, I really jealous for people who can easily put on green / red eyeshadows and look gorgeous. I even know people who can pull off purple eyeliner… I don’t know… I’m scared of those. But you should one day, right? Well, my day has come. Today’s magic tool is Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Chaos* – £14.00 – from Lookfantastic. You know my passion for their pencils – long-lasting, creamy, blendable, easy-to work-with – a m a z i n g . They also have enormous shade range.  IMG_0160 ‘Chaos’ is a bright cobalt blue – no shimmer, mattest matt. This shade got me really thinking about how to use it to still feel confident in it. I went for coppery browny lids and this pencil on my lower lash line and on the waterline. I want to be honest – I really enjoyed the way it turned out. Honestly. I got so many compliments and surely gonna wear this look even more than once!
The pencil gets huge thumbs up from me, cannot recommend this enough, as well as other Urban Decay shade – you cannot go wrong with any of them. And don’t be afraid of colors – experiment. Be bright and listen to others. If you love your blue / green / purple eyeliners (like I do now) – rock them! -S

*PR sample

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