Well done Rebecca Minkoff

Welcome everyone, who is reading this post. Today is Saturday and let’s all take a moment to appreciate the brand new day with all excitements that it may bring. Hope you all have a good day and I also hope you gonna be back at my blog (and bring some friends!)

Today I though my post is more on a fashion-ish side.

We girls can never, yes, never, have enough shoes / bags / makeup / jewelry. You can only take it as a given, but you cannot object that, you will lose anyway, right girls?

I’m quite obsessed with mini cross body bags. I actually go through different phase – once I love big bags to store my entire bedroom there, other time – the smaller the better. AND the season is not the key – I have plenty of summer bags that are just … well … vast.

Now is the second phase. I adore Rebecca Minkoff bags – the unique design, the recognizable details, shape&size options, colorful lining and of course color variety. The aren’t the cheapest options out there, but there are relatively affordable for the quality you’re getting. I can assure you.


I own two of them – one MINI M.A.C. in white and the other is MINI BOX in periwinkle. Both loved and worn regularly.


Rebecca Minkoff MINI BOX – the latest splurge a.k.a periwinkle goddess. It has 1 big slot pocket and 2 slim ones. Very chic locker, that chic so everyone wants to play with it (yeah, been there, done that).

It holds everything I need – card holder, iPhone, cuticle butter  , mirror, headphones, my Volutes by Diptyque in perfume atomizer and keys. Done. And your shoulders are thankful – during the day you know carry round 5 kg of makeup and other junk. We all do that.


Tell me in the comets below if you are a fan of big or small bags and what are your bag essentials.



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