Well, congratulation guys – we made to the 10th post in the series! I cannot believe, that the next HEROES will be in December. 

I’m literally confused – no snow, the temperature is above 0, but it’s almost December. Everywhere is Christmas decorations, gift guides (by the way – I’m gonna have a full week dedicated to Christmas – gift guides for HER / HIM, stocking fillers, home decorations, festive nail art and of course makeup look for party – so stay tuned for that, I’m so excited to start those posts!) 

Okay, enough for blabbing, let’s move on to products!



Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque – I’ve already talked about it my Mask Round-up post, it’s a good do it all mask. It clarifies, it smoothes, it renewals. Whenever I feel ‘fallen-apart’ this comes very handy and helpful. You put it on 10-15 min on a cleansed face and then just rinse out with water and you are done!

I love YouTube, I love watching beauty videos / hauls / favorites videos – everything. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Claire Ashley. She has YouTube channel and I spent the whole evening watching her videos! She is adorable, you make up is always flawless and the isn’t afraid to experiment. You should definable check her out! I insist :) 

MAC MSF in Soft n Gentle – I love that stuff, I even have a full review on it on my blog here. I’ve been pretty lazy with make this week, so I’ve used it both as an eyeshadow and as an actual highlighter. 

Music time. I had this song on repeat for daysMilton – I Can See It In Your Eyes. I don’t know it’s so catching – you just cannot stand still – you have to dance and sing and do everything! I can see it in your eyes, can see it in your smile…

What have you been loving lately? Hope you had a great weekend!



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