Glowy blushed cheeks – this can (in my opinion) brighten every face – matured / tired / dull / exhausted / pale. Slight swipe you are ready to rock the world. You instantly become more awake, fresh and even happier. And you cannot prove me wrong on that for sure ;)

Today’s post is dedicated to creme blush – I don’t own a bunch, but the one I have is well loved and honored.


Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera – £13.33 – from Cult Beauty. The peach-pink-est thing you can ever find. I love the shade, I love the packaging, the ease of usage and a mirror inside – bonus!

Those tints can be used both on the checks and on the lips. This shade in particular is great with dark smokey eyes – not too bright to take over the attention and not too pale to wash you out.

You can apply it with either a brush (any synthetic brush will do, I like to use my Real Techniques Stippling brush) or using your fingers – just make sure your hands are clean. I found that the thumb  it perfectly sized for doing that kind of job, places exactly where it needed and picks up the right amount of product.

The price range is of course higher than the drugstore bits, but I think there is defiantly a pay off. Is very travel friendly bit, moreover you can easily touch it up during the day if you need to.

I have my eye on some other shades, yes ‘Poppy’ I’m talking about you, but we’ll see, I’m not that close with my pocket, we have some issues at the moment :)

Have you tried any of those convertibles? Leave you thoughts in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Gerbera-licious

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